The Secretary of State is one of three Constitutional Officers elected by the General Assembly, in joint session. The constitution mandates that it is the Secretary's duty to keep a register of the official acts and proceedings of the governor, and, when required, to "lay same, all papers, minutes and vouchers relative thereto, before the General Assembly.'' Following are links to publications issued by the Office of the Secretary of State.

Acts and Resolutions: Pursuant to Title 12, Chapter 6, Section 116 of the Tennessee Code Annotated, it is the duty of the Secretary of State to prepare and distribute the printed acts of the General Assembly.

Executive Orders: Executive Orders are filed in the Division of Publications of the office of the Secretary of State.

Rules and Regulations by Month: As provided by T.C.A. Title 4, Chapter 5, the rules and regulations are the current and official rules and regulations presented as the official compilation – Rules and Regulations of the State of Tennessee – and are inclusive of all amendments, repeals, and/or deletions.

Tennessee Blue Book and Tennessee Blue Book, Student Edition: The Tennessee Blue Book is filled with useful information about our state, both past and present, including the makeup of Tennessee state government, state history, national and state constitutions, most recent election results and census data.